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Here is a large copy of the original  KKfK regulations which firmly established the Automobile Corps Dagger as the first dagger worn by any member of the German Heer.

Early wartime painting of the famous German painter Willy Stoewer.
DFAC Automobile in action.

Another Ebay find: Club promotion to the status as an official driver

Courtesy Roel Rijks collection

One of our readers had forwarded us this interesting document which was issued 1932 by the Automobilclub von Deutschland AvD, the successor of the KAC. Please notice the changings compared to the Imperial certificates. It is noteworthy that even in 1932 the Club issued these documents which had nearly the same appearance as they had before 1918.

The certificate awarded Mr. Ferdinand Winkler to an official driver of the AvD. Interestinly this is the driver of Prince Bernhard who later married the Queen of the Netherlands.

Prince Heinrich and his son Prince Waldemar

Prince Heinrich and his son Prince Waldemar

Hampe coll.

Prince Heinrich and his son Prince Waldemar greet Kaiser Wilhelm II during a tribute drive sponsored by the Kaiserliche Automobile Club. Prince Waldemar is in the uniform of the Commander in Chief of the DFAC. His hat band and collar are regulation madder red. The bullion crown on his left sleeve is easily seen. Of special interest to dagger collectors; Waldemar is wearing his Automobile Corps dagger through the regulation slit above his left tunic pocket flap. The dagger appears to have a high open crown. The portepee is tied only around the crossguard and hangs low on the weapon.

Otto Winkler became a member of the Corps at September 26th, 1914, shortly after the War had been broken out. Winkler was a student of Philosophy. He lived in Berlin, Markgrafen Street 46.

His membership number was 294/1914.

The photo was made shortly after he had received the Iron Cross 2nd Class in August 1915. The reader should notice that Winkler is carrying his dagger.

He ended his military service at the end of the war. The Iron Cross 1st class was awarded to him at December 27th, 1918. Interestingly a few weeks after the war had ended.

Prinz Heinrich und sein Sohn Waldemar

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We were able to obtain a complete file of a member of the Corps.
Mr. Schoens complete file is available now for the readers as .pdf file.
Just click on the document above. This will be interesting for historians
and people who are interested in the German Automobile-Corps
Gasoline-hussars - a drawing in the satirical magazine 'Simplizissimus', around 1910. 'Even with my
physical problems and my flatfeet thanks to the Automobile-Corps at last I've got my uniform'.

The German Imperial Automobile Corps and its daggers - By Vic Diehl and H.Hampe