KFAC daggers in world wide collections

Thomas M. Johnson

LTC(Ret.) Thomas M. Johnson, President of Johnson Reference Books is easily the most recognized authority in the area of German Edged Weapons. He has been a collector and researcher for nearly 40 years.  His eight volume series, Collecting the Edged Weapons of the Third Reich is the reference book standard for collectors. His research in the area of Imperial German edged weapons has also resulted in the publication of a number of reference books in this area as well. Tom has been a continued supporter of our research in the area of DFAC daggers and is responsible for us acquiring the transitional Automobile Corps dagger featured in this article.

LTC (Ret) Johnson has in his collection a DFAC dagger complete with ultra rare Automobile Corps portepee. This dagger was purchased in Germany and is reportedly the personal dagger of Prinz Waldemar of the DFAC. We are proud to picture this dagger in our addendum for all collectors to enjoy. The portepee is exactly as defined by the regulations. The dagger blade is etched with the double floral pattern with central crown.

Portepee is correctly tied to expose the Automobile horn on the crossguard


The German Imperial Automobile Corps and its daggers - By Vic Diehl and H.Hampe