KFAC daggers in world wide collections

Jim Wallace Dagger collection

Jim Wallace is a highly respected collector and researcher on German as well as other edged weapons from around the world. Jim has submitted his Bavarian and Prussian Automobile daggers for viewing by the collecting community. The Bavarian dagger is made by the firm of Clemen and Jung and the blade shows a very unique double floral pattern etch. The Prussian dagger is Pack Ohliger and contains the double floral etch with central Prussian Eagle.

Bavarian and Prussian
Automobile Corps Daggers
Dagger Hilts
1. Prussian Obverse Etch
2. Prussian Reverse Etch
3. Bavarian Double Floral Etch Obverse
4. Clemen and Jung Trademark and Reverse Etch
5. Bavarian Dagger and Scabbard

Pack Trademark and Crossguard
The Crowned Z of Clemen and Jung


The German Imperial Automobile Corps and its daggers - By Vic Diehl and H.Hampe