The Interactive Addendum

This published analysis of The Kaiserliche Automobile Corps and its daggers is the most comprehensive study completed to date.  Researchers representing 5 different countries provided pictures, data, and editorial assistance, all aimed at increasing the scope of this project.  The German co-author traveled to the major archive centers in Berlin and Freiburg and examined 1000’s of original Imperial period documents possible relating to our examination. Many of these files were untouched since being reorganized and relocated at the of the Second World War.

The German Archive holdings are vast in scope; many subjects are listed by the archivists in meters of shelf space.  For may English speaking researchers facing all of this material, written in a couple different scripts, the task is overwhelming. Fortunately for our international team,  languages pose no problem.  The Federal Archive assistants provided us with every help and research aid.  Nearly all of the documents examined were in their original form, a number containing the original signatures of Royalty, Field Marshalls, Generals  and many other important individuals from throughout Imperial Germany.  We quickly discovered that even with all of these vast holdings of information, the lost because of destruction of two world wars created gaps in our research. These gaps led to more travel and more research, and in some cases where these information gaps could not be filled in we, like all researchers, were left with making the best educated guess, based on the information we had available.

Nearly every published subject has the same problem. The study becomes out of date as new material is discovered. In most cases the original study remains out of date for years until a revision is published.  Fortunately for researchers in the 21st Century the internet changes all of that. Now for the first time,  published information can be revised on a weekly or even daily basis.  At any time the reader is exposed to the latest information on a subject, even one dating over 100 years ago after things happened.

This immediate research addition or revision is the purpose of this interactive addendum. It is our wish, as researchers through the world discover new primary source information about the Kaiserliche Automobile Corps,  they will make that information available to this site. Full credit, will of course be given.

The addendum will also provide a place for the newest photographs of original Automobile Corps daggers, uniforms, accoutrements, books, period photographs and anything else that enhances this project.  Every collector and researcher  is invited to join in this project and the many more that will follow.


The German Imperial Automobile Corps and its daggers - By Vic Diehl and H.Hampe