Automobile Corps Daggers with Frogs and Portepee.

The Prussian Automobile Corps authorized a distinctive portepee for wear with these daggers. These silver bullion strap portepees with red and black stripes are extremely rare and rarely seen. It also appears that during the First World War these Automobile knots were also very scarce.

From photographs and personal collections we have observed it appears that most daggers were adorned with standard Prussian or Bavarian sword knots. These large knots appear rather ungainly on these daggers, but were the period portepee of choice for Corps members.

The hand sewn leather frogs are even more rare that the portepee.

Automobile Corps Daggers, Knots and Frogs Right frog is currently produced


The German Imperial Automobile Corps and its daggers - By Vic Diehl and H.Hampe