The First World War

Collectors summing-up

An up to now unknown fact is important for the etched weapons collectors – that for the motorised troops of the German forces Blankwaffen were also prescribed! An included facsimile-reproduction of the English translation of clothing regulations proves this beyond any doubt. Under the entry side-arm, next to the bayonet 98/05 a dagger is expressly described! The meaning of this ruling for a etched weapons collector cannot be overrated!

So far the dagger had been considered by etched weapons collectors and associations as dubious, maybe interesting, but gladly overlooked because of high prices, few offers and it was merely of paramilitary status.

In historical reality it was an official side-weapon of the German Voluntary Automobile Corps and the German motorised troops of the first World War.

Observing this historical fact, any respectable collection cannot be considered complete without such a dagger, which has given itself the task to document the etched weaponst of German Imperial times.


The German Imperial Automobile Corps and its daggers - By Vic Diehl and H.Hampe