Sea Pilots Badges
Fergus Gillett collection

The beautiful Imperial German Sea Pilots Badge (ABZEICHEN FÜR MARINEFLUGZEUGFÜHRER AUF SEEFLUGZEUGEN) . This badge was authorized on 31 May 1913 by Kaiser Wilhelm. This particular badge was made by the firm of Hugo Schaper -Hoflieferant. The laurel and oakleaf wreath tied with a ribbon at the bottom is surmounted by the Imperial crown. The sunlit Imperial eagle is flying over Heliogoland Island. This badge is gilded bronze. The badge was awarded on completion of flying training and was worn on the lower left breast. .

The Navy land pilot badge differs in that the Imperial Eagle is flying over a land fortress. The land badge was not introduced until 23 February 1915 by the Kaiser. The requirements and man-ner of wear were the same as the sea pilot badge.


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