On Kaiser´s Birthday January 27th, 1914 the Observer´s Badge was awarded for the first time to Officers who:
  • had covered a stretch of at least 100km in overland flight,
  • had successfully passed an exam of technical assistance on an aircraft,
  • had successfully performed a repeat-exercise,
  • had successfully fulfilled reconnaissance tasks in formation, with variously armed forces,
  • had received proof of qualification as an Observer Officer from an aircraft, issued by the Inspection of the Military Aviaton.
Observer Badge
The Observer´s badge shows a Prussian coatof arms
in a red square, in the centre are theEmpire colours,
in all it is surrounded by a wreath of oak and laurel


Impressum - Mail

The Early Prussian Aviators and their Daggers - By Vic Diehl and H.Hampe