Apart from the submarine badge, the most elite German military badges must be the Aviator´s and Observer´s badges of the young Fliegertruppe.

On January 12th, 1912 Baron von Lyncker, General Chief of Staff of Military Transport Admini-stration was the first to suggest the bringing into existence of a badge for aviators. Coinciding with the Kaiser´s birthday on January 27th in 1913, the aviator´s badge was launched. It was awarded to those officers, non-commissioned officers and enlisted men who had taken and passed both of the required exams to become aircraft pilots and on completion of their training had applied for proof of qualification as such, issued by the Inspektion of the Fliegertruppe. In 1913 as many as 82 aviators had been awarded these badges.

aviator badge
The aviator badge shows a Taube above a village,
it is wreathed with oak and laurel leaves. Exactly
the same motif as appears on the dagger
in this article. hh


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The Early Prussian Aviators and their Daggers - By Vic Diehl and H.Hampe