End of a legend

In the article concerning the Imperial Automobile Club and the German Voluntary Automobile Corps, the authors could give evidence that only the paramilitary Automobile Corps carried a side weapon – namely, a dagger – and that after the amalgamation, also the motorised units carried them. The dagger with the characteristic automobile horn on the crossguard was never an Automobile Club dagger, it was always a military side weapon of the Automobile Corps and motorised units, a purely military unit.

With the Voluntary Aviator´s daggers it was much the same. The daggers introduced here have absolutely nothing to do with the Aero Club. In the authors’ opinion, these daggers were carried only by the civilian-trained aviators on military duty, never in any civilian club.

From this it must be drawn particularly to the American collectors’ attention that the description Automobile or Aero Club dagger is incorrect. They are Automobile Corps or aviator daggers.


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The Early Prussian Aviators and their Daggers - By Vic Diehl and H.Hampe