The authors expresses their sincere thanks to

  • Lieutenant-Colonel Kai-Uwe Graaf, Luftwaffenmuseum of the Bundeswehr, Gatow, Germany,

  • Lieutenant-Colonel Dr.Harald Fritz Potempa, Military History Research Institute of the

  • Bundeswehr, Potsdam, Germany,

  • Captain Eugen A.Lisewski, Bundeswehr Military History Museum of Dresden, Germany,

  • Charles Woolley, author of the Uniforms and Equipment of the Imperial German Army 1900- 1918, USA,

  • The late Hermann Mauerer USA,

  • M.Lorenz, Germany

  • John Bell NY, USA

  • Nick McCully USMC retired, USA

  • Luftwaffenmuseum Laatzen, Germany

  • Bundesarchiv Freiburg and Berlin, Germany

  • Karen Evans, USA

  • Jill Ririe, Scotland

  • Jean Varret, France

… and all the people who helped us in any way. Thank you very much !

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The Early Prussian Aviators and their Daggers - By Vic Diehl and H.Hampe